Los Alamos JJAB 

Providing Youth and their Families with Programs and Services 

JJAB Board Members:

Jordan Redmond, Board Chair

Nicole Ferry, Board Vice-Chair

Sharon Hurley, Board Treasurer

Judge Mary Marlowe-Summer- First Judicial District Court Judge

Judge Elizabeth Allen - Los Alamos Municipal Judge

Brian Haigh- Counselor/Child Psychiatrist

Suzanne Lynne - Los Alamos Middle School

Morrie Pongratz - Senior Citizen

Alicia Justus - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Chris Ross - Los Alamos County Police Department

Carter Payne- Los Alamos High School

Naomi Larkin - Juvenile Probation Officer

Kristine Coblentz - LAPS Healthy Schools Initiative

Board Liaisons:

Youth Liaisons - Three from LAMS and LAHS

David Izrealevitz - Los Alamos County Council

Julia Baker - Los Alamos Public Schools Board of Education

Donna Casados - Los Alamos County Social Services

JJAB currently has open Board member positions.  Members are needed to represent the areas of business, media, and parent groups.  Contact us if you are interested or would like additional information.