Los Alamos JJAB 

Providing Youth and Family with Programs and Services 

JJAB Board Members:

Jordan Redmond, Board Chair

Nicole Ferry, Board Vice-Chair

Sharon Hurley, Board Treasurer

Judge Mary Marlowe-Summer- First Judicial District Court Judge

Judge Elizabeth Allen - Los Alamos Municipal Judge
Tracy Stidham - Los Alamos Fire Department

Brian Haigh- Counselor/Child Psychiatrist

Suzanne Lynne - Los Alamos Middle School

Gillian Sutton- KRSN

Morrie Pongratz - Senior Citizen

Alicia Justus - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Chris Ross - Los Alamos County Police Department

Carter Payne- Los Alamos High School

Gary Pool - N3B

Naomi Larkin - Juvenile Probation Officer

Kristine Coblentz - LAPS Healthy Schools Initiative

Board Liaisons:

Youth Liaisons - Three from LAMS and LAHS

David Izrealevitz - Los Alamos County Council

Julia Baker - Los Alamos Public Schools Board of Education

Donna Casados - Los Alamos County Social Services