Los Alamos Juvenile Justice 
Advisory Board (JJAB)

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JJAB Board Members:

Judge Alan S. Kirk- Los Alamos Municipal Court (Board Chair)

David Woodruff- CEO Zia Credit Union (Board Vice Chair)

Sharon Hurley, UNM-LA (Board Treasurer)

Judge Mary Marlowe-Summer- District Court Judge, First Judicial District Court

Judge Pat Casados- Magistrate Judge, State of New Mexico Magistrate Court

Susan O'Leary - Los Alamos County Council Liaison

Kent Wahlquist- District Attorney's Office

Michelangelo Lobato- LAPS Elementary Counselor

Brian Haigh- Counselor / Child Psychiatrist

Brian Easton- Principal, Los Alamos Middle School

Linda Lindstrom- Parent

Ann Stewart-Athletic Director, Los Alamos High School

Catherine Taylor - Teen Court

Gillian Sutton- Media Representative

Nicole Ferry - Faith Community Representative

Sylvan Argo- Teen Center Director

Alicia Justus - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Donna Casados Social Services Manager, Los Alamos County

Chris Ross - Sgt, Los Alamos County Police Department

Carter Payne- Principal, Los Alamos High School

Ellen Ben-Naim - Member, Los Alamos Public Schools Board of Education

Stephanie Garcia-Richards- New Mexico State Representative

Melinda Velarde - Juvenile Probation Officer

Kristine Coblentz - LAPS Healthy Schools Initiative

John Whiteside - Los Alamos Medical Center

Troy Hughes - Los Alamos Fire Department

Jennifer Guy - LAPS Asst. Superintendent

Open Seat- Parent

Open Seat - Community Health Council

Open Seat - Senior Citizen Representative