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Los Alamos Community Gift Card Program (COVID-19)

Would you like to help a local restaurant and a community member?  During the pandemic, we are all looking for ways to assist others.  This community gift card program has been developed to do just that, assist Los Alamos and White Rock community members in need, recognize helpers in our community, and support local eating establishments.

How does it work?
Those wanting to assist will purchase gift cards directly from local restaurants and tell them it is for "Donation/JJAB". The eating establishment will hold the gift card for pick up.  Los Alamos JJAB will pick up the purchased cards twice per week for distribution to those in need and to community service providers.  If possible, gift cards will be delivered to the recipient's door, with a card.  However, gift cards may need to be mailed if direct delivery is not possible or could cause a health concern.   

Who will receive the gift cards?
Local agencies will work to identify community members in need:
  • JJAB Resource Specialists will identify youth and their families with financial and food needs.
  • We will work with Self Help and LA Cares to identify those needing emergency food or financial assistance.
  • Other non-profit organizations will be contacted to assist in identifying those with need.

Additionally, anyone in the community can submit a specific person to receive a gift card.  Submissions can be made for: 
  • Community members who need assistance: furloughed/laid off, food insecurity, financial struggles, isolating, or high-risk
  • Front-line Healthcare workers: medical personnel, caregivers
  • Service workers: grocery, restaurant, hotel, custodians in public places, essential businesses
  • Public Service workers: police, fire, post office

Click here to submit the name of someone who should receive a gift card

Los Alamos JJAB will provide weekly updates on this page and on our Facebook page regarding the number of gift cards received/distributed and restaurants supported.  If you have questions or need additional information regarding the program please email us or call (505) 709-8125

Weekly Updates:

Week ending 9/25/2020 - Deliverd one gift card.  Gift cards are still available.

Week ending 09/11/2020 - Delivered three additional gift cards, total deliveries to 84 families.

Week ending 08/21/2020 - Delivered two additional gift cards this week and we still have gift cards available.  Our generous community has donated $5,540 in gift cards to the project.  Thank you for supporting community members and local restaurants.

Week ending 08/07/2020 - Delivered three additional gift cards this week, total deliveries to 79 families.

Week ending 07/24/2020 JJAB received a generous donation this week, from Merrick Company, for the Community Gift Card program. If you know someone in Los Alamos/White Rock that has a financial or food need, is isolating or at high risk, or if you would like to recognize a healthcare or service worker, we can deliver a gift card from a local restaurant to them. Simply complete the online form and JJAB will work to make it happen.

Week ending 7/10/2020 - Delivered two additional gift cards this week, total deliveries to 74 local families.

Week ending 06/26/2020 - Delivered two additional gift cards this week for a total deliveries to 72 local families.


Week ending 06/12/2020 - Thank you Los Alamos/White Rock for your generous donations! JJAB received the six gift cards plus more and will be making deliveries on Monday.

Week ending 06/05/2020 - We have 6 requests and are out of gift cards.  We currently have 6 requests and are out of gift cards. We are looking for donations of four gift cards to any of the participating restaurants (2 families of 4 and 2 families of 2), one gift card to Morning Glory (family of 3), and one to Pig + Fig (family of 3). Gift cards can be purchased at the participating restaurant or donations can be made through PayPal (see below).

Week ending 05/29/2020 - Delivered 4 more gift cards for a total of 63 since the start of the program.  Gift cards were provided to 2 families in need or impacted by COVID-19, 1 service worker and 1 healthcare worker.

Week ending 5/22/20 - $4,195 in gift cards have been purchased through Secret City Kitchen, Pig+Fig, Morning Glory and Cottonwood on the Greens.  A total of 59 gift cards have been distributed to date.  Gift cards have been provided to 34 families in need or impacted by COVID-19,  7 healthcare workers, and 18 service workers.  Currently have four deliveries scheduled for next week.

Week ending 5/8/20 - Multiple gift cards were purchased through Secret City Kitchen, Pig+Fig, Morning Glory and Cottonwood on the Greens.  A total of 33 gift cards have been distributed to date.  

Week ending 4/24/20 - Multiple gift cards were purchased through Secret City Kitchen, Pig+Fig, Morning Glory and Cottonwood on the Greens.  Pajarito Brewpub & Grill was added a participating restaurant. JJAB delivered gift cards to 10 additional families, including 2 healthcare workers and 1 public service worker. 


Week ending 4/17/20 - Multiple gift cards were purchased through Secret City Kitchen and Pig+Fig. This allowed JJAB to deliver gift cards to 10 families, including 2 service workers. 

Participating Restaurants:

Secret City Kitchen

Order gift cards online or by calling (505) 819-3676

Pig + Fig

Order gift cards by calling (505) 672-2742

Cottonwood on the Greens

Call after 3:30 pm (505)

662-0404 or email 

Morning Glory

Physical gift cards must be purchased at the restaurant

Pajarito Brewpub & Grill

Order cards by calling (505) 662-8877 or purchase at the restaurant

Ruby K's Bagel Cafe

Order cards by calling (505) 662-9826 or purchase at the restaurant

We have contacted other local establishments and will add options as they become available.

Gift cards can also be purchased and mailed to:

Los Alamos JJAB

PO Box 4716

Los Alamos, NM 87547