Los Alamos JJAB 

Providing Youth and Family Programs and Services 

Youth and Family Resource Specialists

Resource Specialists provide case management and community support services to local youth and their families. They coordinate services and offer resources to youth in need of prevention and intervention. Referrals are received from the community, the schools, and local providers. 

The Resource Specialist Program is available to help families connect to services, find the support they need and assist with overcoming barriers to seeking or receiving services.​Youth Resource Specialists focus on engaging with middle school and high school youth and their families.​ Family Resource Specialists work with elementary aged children and their families.

Reasons for requesting resource assistance are as diverse as the families served. Families may need support because children are experiencing school struggles, family conflict is impacting functioning, or a parent or youth may need emotional and behavioral health support.  A family may be newly arrived in Los Alamos, need help with summer programs, activities, or families may have unmet basic needs (food, shelter) and require assistance to get these needs met.