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Providing Youth and their Families with Programs and Services 

Are you interested in volunteering to tutor LAPS students?

Since the start of school JJAB has connected 22 students, K-12 and all subjects, with volunteer tutors.  Some tutors are high school students from groups like the Key Club and others are adults from within our community.   Currently, JJAB is seeing a request for general math at the middle school level and Algebra 1 and 2, and English at the high school level. In additon, there are students who need tutoring in multiple subjects and assignment management. 

Tutors should plan to be available to assist 1 - 2 hours per week, depending on schedule. Tutoring remotely is being recommended, however, in-person tutoring is possible based on the comfortability of the tutor, student, and the student's family.  If in-person sessions are held, all CDC guidelines of masks, social distancing, and washing hands/cleaning must be followed.  Tutors will need to have access to Zoom, WhatsApp, WebEx or another video conferencing tool (Google Meets on the student Chromebooks is not an option at this point).

If you are interested in being a tutor, please start with the following:

1. Complete our Volunteer Tutor Survey to provide contact information and details on subjects, ages, etc.

2. Contact the LAPS Human Resources Department at 663-2222 to schedule a background check (even if you already have a security clearance, this is a requirement of LAPS). Let them know you are volunteering to tutor and there will be no cost associated with the check.

Following that, we will work on connecting you with a tutor request and provide additional details/information.

Do you have a student needing to be connected to a tutor?  Contact us for additional information.